Special Offers and Discounts

We offer discounts for new members, golfers under 30 years old and super-vets over 85 years old.

New Memberships

25% first year discount

Those joining us as a Full or as a Family Membership will enjoy a 25% first year discount. This means the Full Membership would only cost £712.50 and a Family Membership which includes two children or grandchildren under 18 would only cost £1,275.00.

Golfers under 30 Years Old

A category for members aged between 18 - 29 who are not in full time education. These members are called our Cather Members in memory of Lt. Geoffrey Cather VC a club member who died at the Battle of the Somme at the age of 25 and was posthumously awarded the VC. You can read his story in the World War 1 section of our history page. 

Cather Members enjoy a reduction to their annual subscriptions as a Full or 99 Club Membership until they reach their 30th birthday.

Age between 19 and 25 provides a 50% discount.
Age between 26 and 29 provides a 25% discount.

So Cather Full Membership costs £475.00 if aged between 19 and 25 and £712.50 between 26 and 29. As an additional incentive Cather Full Membership enjoys a first year discount of 15%, so first year subscriptions are only £403.75 or £605.63 respectively.

A Cather 99 Club Membership costs £164.50 if aged between 19 and 25 and £246.75 if aged between 26 and 29.


Golfers over 85 Years Old

The course being fairly flat is ideal for super-vets those aged over 85 years. A discount to Full Membership is offered.

A new member enjoys a 10% discount during the first year, then 15% during second year until 10th year when it increases to 25%. As such subscriptions are £855.00, then £807.50 and eventually £712.50.