PGA Professional - Roger Williams

Living a short walk from the course makes it very easy for me to maintain a close link with a club that has been integral to my life for many years. Limpsfield Chart is a special place and I enjoy a relationship with them of which I’m proud.

Finding ways to get the very best out of my pupils can be hugely rewarding. I first qualified as a PGA professional in 1981 and I’m the first to realise that not all golfers are the same. I try to make that key to my coaching ethos - recognising different learning styles from visual to auditory and kinetic. Decluttering any mental fog that has built up over time is as important as focusing on developing the physical aspects of the golf swing and so I look to address both in my lessons. I use video as appropriate and playing lessons can be a good way of bringing new skills learnt on to the course. There is no substitute for practice and I encourage my pupils to work through various drills that I give them as ‘homework’.
Of course, teaching is only one aspect of a club professional’s duties. I’m very happy to help with all manner of equipment issues from the re-gripping of clubs to clubfitting and trolley maintenance.
No job is too small.
Lessons start at £30 for half and hour and you can book a playing lesson for £100. Just give me a call or drop me an email and I’ll get back to you directly.

Email roger@golfproservices.co.uk

Mobile 07778 352280

Telephone 01883370245

“I had a lesson with Roger and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. For 40 years I’ve started the ball left and played a fade. In that single hour, he taught me how to aim right and work the ball back with a draw. He added 20 yards to every iron in my bag. And he achieved that while leaning on a golf club…or was it a magic wand?”
Peter Masters, Men’s Captain 2018

“My lesson with Roger Williams was really good, thanks Roger. I hadn’t picked up a golf club for over five years and I was rusty, to say the least! Roger had me hitting straight shots within the hour. It was the best golf lesson I’ve ever had AND he gave me advice on my clubs, so it was genuinely all good. Thank you Limpsfield Chart Golf Club.”
Jonathan Rusby, Academy member 2017