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Sharon Thomas

Sharon joined Limpsfield Chart Golf Club in October 2018 and was an instant hit with members of both the Men’s and Ladies Sections.

Welcoming members of all handicaps, Sharon has transformed the way some of our golfers play. Perhaps you need her help? Hitting the ground running, the first initiative Sharon ran was the very successful ‘Tee to Tea’ golf taster sessions with an introduction to golf and group lessons for busy working ladies and mums. The success keeps coming but how did it all start?

Why I chose golf

I often spent whole days on my summer holidays caddying for my grandparents in mixed competitions. My brother or a school friend would join me. I looked forward to my caddying days and looking back I was learning rules and etiquette all the time.

On one of my caddying days, my grandmother was playing against a lady called Joan Malim who was the county junior organiser. Having seen my interest and inquisitive nature in the sport she, along with my grandmother and parents, encouraged me to start playing.

I played in my first junior county match off a 36 handicap at Worplesdon Golf Club. I went on to win the Sussex girl’s championship on my 16th birthday at Cooden Beach Golf Club…I was hooked!

My Coaching Story

After several secretarial jobs, including Doctors Receptionist and Medical Secretary, PA to the International Director of Bowthorpe Holdings, Assistant Secretary at Effingham Golf Club, Bookham in Surrey, I finally took a coaching course with the European Golf Teachers Federation and qualified to give golf lessons in June 2003. I continued my coaching journey and took an advanced course in April 2004 and my Masters Teacher Diploma in Scotland in October 2004.

Insights into my Coaching Methodology

It’s always important to master the basics; I always start with grip and set-up. It’s easy to get carried away with trying to alter swing plane but it’s pointless without the best grip and posture possible.

Ball flight tells a whole story about the clubface at impact and from that point I work backwards.
I keep lessons as clear as possible. The pupil must be able to understand what I’m asking them to do and I give a homework drill to help them practise until their next lesson.

Best Golf Courses

If you ever have a chance to play Royal Ashdown Golf Club in East Sussex or Craigelaw Golf Club in Scotland, then go for it!

My Top Tip

Starting with posture, feel the balance point is triceps, kneecaps and balls of feet, weight 50% left leg, 50% right leg. The only change for different clubs is stance width and ball position.

Just a little piece of advice!

Practise your short game (chipping & putting) as much as possible, it’s where matches are won and lost.

‘Be kind to yourself’, such a simple sentence but it’s taken me a golfing lifetime to actually take this advice onboard. A patient, calm attitude to the game will make you a better golfer.

I look forward to welcoming you to our Club and Course.


Sharon can be contacted directly via email or on 07790 702230.

Jeanette Brown
Tunbridge Wells & Villa Golf

She doesn't just teach and expect you to follow. She uses a great variety of techniques and all lessons are both fun and informative. Whether it's a private or a group lesson, she concentrates on how to hold the club, how to set yourself up, and how to swing the club. If you follow these instructions correctly, you can't go far wrong.

Graham Brown
Tunbridge Wells & Villa Golf

The smiley Sharon is a joy! In the Group lessons she never forgets anyone's name. She produces creative exercises that actually work. Afterwards you find yourself on the tee reminding yourself of Sharon's mantras about posture, grip, position and so on. As Kylie sings - " I just can't get you out of my head "!

Pete Masters
Men’s Captain, Limpsfield Chart Golf Club (Handicap 6)

Each time I’ve had a lesson with Sharon I’ve come away thinking that it makes perfect sense and with a little effort I can get better. Not bad when you've already played golf for over 40 years. But what I really like is that she gives you 100%. You can see her focused and concentrated, looking from different angles and being determined to find solutions to any swing issues you may have. Teaching is hard, especially the complexity of the golf swing, but Sharon simplifies it and shows you the light. Plus she’s always cheerful.

Berni Hawkins
The Academy, Limpsfield Chart

As a total novice to the course I joined The Academy and had a mix of Group and Individual lessons. Sharon’s interactive teaching style and progressive methodology ensures you get on the course as a competent player in the shortest possible timeframe, just 6 lessons in and some practice time, I am playing the course
The drills, homework and adjustments aren’t just given; a picture paints a thousand words! The clever use of video ensures you can reset and achieve optimum stance, positioning etc it really helps emphasize Sharon teaching points.
Thoroughly inclusive, encouraging and fun is definitely what’s required when you are learning a sport that could be so frustrating. Sharon is excellent and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.

Richard Taylor
Member, Limpsfield Chart Golf Club (handicap 15)

Having never had a golf lesson in my life, oh boy did it show! As age has taken its toll, my swing has deteriorated and I can no longer get away with bashing the ball as far as I could and rely on my putter from off the green. Sharon has unpicked my swing and, I’m told, it looks like a proper swing. No longer jibes about “watching an Octopus falling out of a tree!” or “more moving parts than a Rolex”. Simple things like posture and grip are beginning to transform my game. The best thing about Sharon? She keeps it simple and she always leaves you with a smile.

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