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Extract from L.C.G.C Record Book

June 29th 1889


The first or opening match of the above Club, took place at Limpsfield Common, on Saturday last, the 29th of June. The weather was most favourable and, there was a very large gathering of ladies and gentlemen present to witness this now popular game. The site chosen appeared most suitable, the visitors seated at the end of the Bowling Green commanding a full view of the game from the beginning to end. A great deal has been done to improve the ground and make it suitable for the game, and a deal more has to be done to make it perfect, which will take some eighteen months or more, but we have no doubt, under the able management and perseverance of the energetic Honorary Secretary, the Rev. P. W.Parsons, this will be accomplished, especially after the first meeting.

The handicaps were played in couples, over a large space of ground with nine holes, with the following results :-

Order of Starting Handicap Gross Net
H. St. John 5 72 67
Rev. F. W. Parsons 6 57 51
J. Henderson 6 65 59
C. T. Parsons 3 70 68
A. Lambert 4 Did not play
W. J. Y. Scarlet Scratch Did not play
J. W. Brocklebank 8 77 69
E. M. Corbett 7 64 57
Rev. F. V. Knox 12 84 72
Rev E. Sell 10 Not present
L. Vernon Harcourt 7 68 61
D. G. Landale 14 Did not play
W. A. Bell 2 91 89
Hon. H. A. Lawrence 3 68 65
H. A. Barclay 5 Did not play
Rev. Cecil Smith 12 Did not play

It would seem by the above list that several of the best players did not compete.

At the conclusion of play G. Leveson Gower Esq. announced that Mrs. Barclay had kindly consented to distribute the prizes.

Mrs Barclay said that she had much pleasure in presenting the prizes, as follows –

1st Prize, a full set of golf clubs offered by the Society ; won by Rev. F. W. Parsons

2nd Prize, a Brassy Golf, offered by Mr. P. Paxton, manufacturer and dealer in Golf Implements, 3, Brightland Road, Eastbourne ; won by Mr. Corbett

3rd Prize, Three Golf Balls, offered by the same firm ; won by Mr. J. Henderson.

Mr. Paxton was present to assist in the arrangements.

Mr. Leveson Gower moved a vote thanks to Mrs. Barclay for her kindness in distributing the prizes, and said he wished to congratulate the club on having such a large gathering which he believed was the largest gathering ever held at Limpsfield Common, and hoped that they might have many more such gatherings.

Mr. Barclay said that they could not part without expressing their thanks to Mr. Leveson Gower for his kindness in coming from London to help forward their meeting and for his great assistance to the club in every way.

Mr Gower, in responding, said he did not take any credit for having come from London as he was extremely glad to escape from that hot crowded place, and was very sorry Mrs. Leveson Gower and family were unable to be present.

Amongst the numerous company present we noticed :- Mr. G. Leveson Gower, Rev. and Mrs. Knox, Mrs. Burdett and party, Mr and Mrs. Landale, Rev. and Mrs. S. Hoare, Rev. F. and Mrs. Parsons, Lady Harriet Warde, Rev. G. J. Mayhew, Hon. Mrs. Warde, Rev. Francis, Rev. H.C. and Miss Bartlett, Mr. and Mrs. Timins and party, Mr. Bell (Bletchingly), Dr. Mrs and Miss Bournes. Mr. and Mrs. Curtice and party, General, Mrs. and Miss Milne, Mrs. Master and party, Mrs. Geo parsons, Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Parsons, Mr and Mrs. Dashwood, General and the Misses Delafoss, Mrs. F. Streatfeild, Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Bell and party, Mrs. A’ Court, Mr. Watney and party, Mr. and Mrs. F. Scorer, Rev. C. and Mrs. Churchill, Mr. H Gerrard and Mrs. Hoare, Mr. H. A. and Mrs. Barclay, Rev. Cecil and Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Seymour, Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher, Dr. Rees and Miss Todd, Hon. H. A. and Mrs. Lawrence, Mr. J. Henderson, Capt. and Mrs Osborne, Mr. Turlow O’Brien, &c.

A marquee was erected on the Common which was tastefully laid out with light refreshments, fruit &c., supplied by Members of the Club, and served by Mr. Jones, butler to Col. Warde, and servants from Squerryes Court, Tatsfield Rectory, the Missionary Home, Limpsfield &c , the cake and other things left over being sent to the Boys Home, Limpsfield.

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